BBB does not boot, user leds remain off

Hi all
For a couple of days I’ve been trying to connect (booting from the eMMc memory) to my BBB (bought a short time ago). As in other occasions, I tried to do it through the USB port of my laptop (I tried with all three), but I can not get it to boot, only the power LED lights up and the user LEDs remain off, I also tried powering the card with the 5v voltage adapter, but the result is the same.

Is it damaged ? Or some file has been deconfigured?

use usbttl for debug info

Since the power light is on, your board might be okay. Download the latest image and burn it using RPI imager. If that still does not boot then you will need to connect to the linux port and see where it is hanging up.

Hello, thanks for your response. Im new at using BBB. I already saves in a micro SD the last version of Debian. Im sorry but i dont understand the meaning of RPI, could you elaborate on that?

RPI stands for Raspberry Pi
google Etcher or balenaEtcher, supported on both windows and Linux, not sure about Mac.

Use these images, I have installed both of them, the link is for SD version.

Media AM335x Minimal Snapshot
microSD Download am335x-debian-11.7-minimal-armhf-2023-09-02-2gb.img.xz 28



I was able to download the last image in the eMMC memory , now the BBB boots from there and the user led’s are already working.

This is very good news I was worried

I have one last question
I want to test the GPIOs of the BBB using node red and the johnny five library. I found this app from Texas instruments to program the AM335X processor signals. Is it possible to use it to configure the GPIO operation modes as inputs or outputs?


It is more in line with getting your device tree file set up for how you want it to work.

Plenty of ready built device tree files with the image, it should have some ports already turned on. You should be able to do some simple testing from CLI with the dt that loads with the image.

I understand, so I will give it a try.

Thank you for your help

This book well be VERY helpful.

Exploring Beaglebone