BBB doesn't complete boot, little help :-)

Hey folks, first time poster here, having some trouble getting my BBB to boot.

Here’s the story - I was previously booting fine and connecting to the bone with both serial and ssh over the network. Then I installed OctoPrint, a 3d printing controller. All was well, then installed mjpg-streamer and tested - also working fine. Basically I then powered everything off and went home. Now it won’t boot - it will blink a little and then the lights go out. It won’t power on at all until I unplug power and try again, when it does the same.

In the mean time I did image LinuxCNC MachineKit onto an SD card, and it will boot from that - so I can get into the board, but the onboard boot seems hosed. I’m used to working with Arduino, where you just yank th eplug when you’re done - this seems more sensitive and I guess my lack of orderly shutdown (I actually don’t even know how to do that yet :slight_smile: ) something went wrong.

Any suggestions for how to repair the boot? I guess I could reimage it but then I don’t exactly know how to do that on the eMMC either. Is it generally considered a good idea to move away from Angstrom?

Here is how to reflash the eMMC to factory condition.

Here is the link to the support Wiki.


OK , hmmm. So after an hour of poking around, it starts working again. I did switch to plugged directly into the laptop USB versus through the powered USB hub. I’m sure I’ll be posting with other non issues again soon :slight_smile: Great group!