BBB DPLL boot problem

Hey guys, new user here. I got an issue with my BBB and I thought maybe somebody here could help me.

After fiddling around with my bbb debugging a custom made cape, it stopped booting at all. When I plug in a serial debug cable to read the boot messages i get the following:

U-Boot SPL 2014.04-00014-g47880f5 (Apr 22 2014 - 13:23:54)
DPLL locking failed for 0x44e00490

ERROR ### Please RESET the board

When I reset it, I get the message again.

I tried to google the error message and had no success finding a solution or any other issue similar to that.

Does anybody have any idea on what might have caused that error? Any idea on what could be done to fix it? Is there hope for my BBB?

Thank You.

What does it do, when your "custom cape" is removed?


Same thing still.

Well, by no apparent reason at all, by the third day my BBB rose from the dead and started booting again. No strange boot messages, like as if nothing happened. However, 600mA current is being pulled by the BBB from the power source with nothing connected to it, which I find strange. Any ideas?

Sounds like a shorted I/O pin on the processor. When it does not boot it it is because the PMIC is shutting down due to excessive current. Sounds like you are squeaking by and the PMIC is not shutting you down. 600 mA is too high.


i can see that if your running full tilt MHZ with ethernet plugged in
it runs a bit below 500ma normally

whats running and whats the cpu load ?

Nothing is plugged in, and no program is running at all for my tests.