BBB .dtbo not loading

I have some troubles with loading overlays.

I have boot.scr

# Set environment variables
setenv console ttyO0,115200n8
# Define the location of kernel, device tree, and root file system on the SD card
setenv enable_uboot_overlays 1
setenv enable_uboot_cape_universal 1
setenv bootdelay 3

setenv loadaddr 0x82000000
#setenv fdtaddr 0x87F00000
setenv fdtaddr 0x88000000
setenv rootpart /dev/mmcblk0p2
#setenv overlayaddr 0x87FC0000
setenv overlayaddr 0x880C0000
# Dynamically calculate the starting address for overlays
#setexpr overlayaddr ${fdtaddr} +  0xF000
#setexpr overlayaddr ${fdtaddr} + 0xC000; # Adjusted offset for example

# Loading kernel and device tree from the second (ext4) partition
echo Booting from the first partition...
fatload mmc 0:1 ${loadaddr} boot/uImage
fatload mmc 0:1 ${fdtaddr} boot/dtbs/v5.10.168-ti-r75/am335x-boneblack.dtb

# Apply the Device Tree Overlay
fdt addr ${fdtaddr}
fdt resize 8192
# Load the Device Tree Overlay
echo Applying Device Tree Overlay...
fatload mmc 0:1 ${overlayaddr} boot/dtbs/v5.10.168-ti-r75/overlays/BB-GPIO.dtbo
fdt apply ${overlayaddr}

# Set boot arguments for SD card boot
setenv bootargs console=${console} root=${rootpart} rootwait rw

# Boot the loaded kernel
bootm ${loadaddr} - ${fdtaddr}

And this is my BB-GPIO.dts which I compile to BB-GPIO.dtbo


/ {
    compatible = "ti,am335x-bone-black", "ti,am335x-bone", "ti,am33xx";
    part-number = "BB-GPIO";
    version = "00A0";

    fragment@0 {
        target = <&am33xx_pinmux>;
        __overlay__ {
            pinmux_tria25_gpio: pinmux_tria25_gpio_pins {
                pinctrl-single,pins = <
                    0x0d4 0x07 /* P8_33: mode 7 (GPIO) */
                    0x0cc 0x07 /* P8_34: mode 7 (GPIO) */
                    0x0d0 0x07 /* P8_35: mode 7 (GPIO) */

        fragment@1 {
                target = <&ocp>;      /* */
                __overlay__ {
                        status = "okay";
                        pinctrl-names = "default";
                        pinctrl-0 = <&pinmux_tria25_gpio>;


During boot I can see echo from boot.scr meaning that it is loading and info from u-boot that something is loaded in memory. But when the system boots up I go with dmesg | grep overlay, and can not see any overlay there.
I also entered in u-boot and tried this:

fdt list /ocp/interconnect@44c00000/segment@200000/target-module@10000/scm@0/pinmux@800/pinmux_tria25_gpio_pins

Output is:

pinmux_tria25_gpio_pins {
phandle = <0x000000fc>;
pinctrl-single,pins = <0x000000d4 0x00000007 0x000000cc 0x00000007 0x000000d0 0x00000007>;
=> fdt list /ocp/interconnect@44c00000/segment@200000/target-module@10000/scm@0/pinmux@800/user_leds_s0
user_leds_s0 {
pinctrl-single,pins = <0x00000054 0x00000007 0x00000058 0x00000017 0x0000005c 0x00000007 0x00000060 0x00000017>;
phandle = <0x0000005e>;

user_leds_s0 is defined in am335x-common.dtsi and pinmux_tria25_gpio is my overlay.

This indicates that it is loadad sucessfully, but when I check here:

root@iotlab:/sys/kernel/debug/pinctrl/44e10800.pinmux-pinctrl-single # cat pins
pin 53 (PIN53) 9:gpio-0-31 44e108d4 00000008 pinctrl-single
pin 51 (PIN51) 17:gpio-64-95 44e108cc 00000008 pinctrl-single
pin 52 (PIN52) 8:gpio-0-31 44e108d0 00000008 pinctrl-single
pin 21 (PIN21) 21:gpio-32-63 44e10854 00000007 pinctrl-single
pin 22 (PIN22) 22:gpio-32-63 44e10858 00000017 pinctrl-single

It changed default configuration for user_led_s0 pins but not for pins I defined in overlay.
It seems that my overlay configuration is somehow overwritten.
I use u-boot 2022.02 version and 5.10.168 kernel and build everything together with buildroot.
I have this enabled in buildroot
[*] Build Device Tree with overlay support

Can someone point what I am missing, to have my overlay loaded sucessfully?

Thanks a lot!