BBB, Eclipse and GNU arm-none-eabi

Hi all,

I’m new to beaglebone black development. I have experience with Atmel SAM arm development in C/C++. I upgrade to the BeagleBone platform for performance reasons (and because I think it is a lot of fun :wink: )

I started with compiling the Starterware code in CCS, and now I’m switching to Eclipse & GNU ARM-none-eabi because I’m using a Segger J_Link JTag and that debugger is only supported by CCS for 90 days (evaluation).

I have the following question : How can I specify that my bare metal C/C++ code will load into the DDR3 address space ? AKAIK I need to write my own .ld linker script specifying MEMORY and SECTIONS, But I have no idea how to figure out which sections the compiler generates. I have to tell the bootloader where to jump into the C/C++ startup code, which will further call my main function. For the later, I think I’m able to modify the MLO code (from StarterWare).

Any suggestions are welcome !

Thanks in advance,