BBB embedded Linux/Qt contract developer needed

I’m looking for a contract developer to develop the software for a new commercial portable RF instrument with a front-panel UI which includes a high-resolution touchscreen LCD. The embedded processor is a TI Sitara Cortex-A8 (BBB architecture). The developer will need

  • Embedded Linux experience (mainline kernel)
  • Qt experience[1]
  • Hardware debugging skills
  • Ability to travel periodically to the Boston area for on-site meetings and debug support
  • Ability to start work (at least part time) within the next few weeks

[1] Unless you can demonstrate a better alternative to Qt.

Hi Roger,

I would be interested in talking with you about this.

I have worked on a number Qt touchscreen based apps with Gumstix Overo systems, OMAP3/Cortex-A8 boards similar to the Sitara.

I have experience writing device drivers.

I have worked a lot with the BBBs, just never on a commercial product.

Some examples of my work that’s open-source can be found on github.
It’s mostly small proof-of-concept type code there.

I’m based in Maine.

Contact info on my site.


Hi Roger,

I am interested in your project.

I am a independent contractor based in Southern Maine.

I have some github repos with some sample work, mostly proof-of-concept stuff.

Contact information can be found on my website

(I didn’t see a way to do a private message using the group).

Hope to hear from you.


Hi Scott,

I got both messages. I’ve attached the preliminary product brief of the instrument so that you can see what we’re talking about.

Sango_X7_brief.pdf (2.27 MB)

ATT00001.htm (3.48 KB)