BBB Failes to flash

Hi everyone out there,

I wanted to flash my BBB with a new Angstrom Image, since I messed up a little with the old operating system, but it refuses. I insert the SD card with the .img file, press the isolated button (boot/or flash button or whatever it is called), reconnect to power, the LEDs start to glow, after the third glows it all stops. 3 LEDs glowing and nothing. Is there any explanation for this, or even any idea how to fix it?
Btw: the old operating system still functions like I never intended to get rid of it.

Best regards
Rafael Fiebig-Bindner

Press and HOLD the button until after the first user LED comes on. Sounds like it is booting from eMMC and hanging when it detects the SD card.


You can not just place the .img file on the sd card. You have to write the file using something like win32diskimager. Which makes the image boot able.


Thanks Wilfredo, works fine now.

No problem.