BBB Flashing new image


I’m trying flash kali linux or debian onto BBB with zero success for some reasons.

I did downloaded image and write into memory card using Win32DiskImg without any issues (32gb 10class card)

Put card into slot and press and hold user button.

Connect power supply and apparently LED should start blinking but this is not happening.

Released button after couple seconds and no lights apart one indication power to board.

1-2 hours or even 24h dosen’t change anything - still after removing card and booting nothing was flashed.

Anyone experience this same issues?



Not all images blink the LEDs. It’s not that common, but I’ve run into at least one such image in the last year or so.

Try reading this:

Suitable images are also listed on that page.

I would guess win 32 is for windows . Your beaglebone black is a linux machine. I had troubles writing a boot disk for linux on a windows machine.