BBB Freeze then failure to boot

Hi All,

I have a BBB Rev A6 (SN 3913BBBK1414) that I purchased from Sparkfun in November 2013. It has been running Ubuntu perfectly since it arrived in Dec. It has been running on a regulated 5v power supply and housed in a case.

A couple of days ago it stopped responding and then I checked it the PWR LED was illuminated but none of the others.

Nothing I did would get any of the USER LEDs to light up.

Connecting serial to the J1 header gives me the following output:

U-Boot SPL 2013.04-00017-g5c4fa11 (May 03 2013 - 10:48:32)
timed out in wait_for_pin: I2C_STAT=0
Could not probe the EEPROM; something fundamentally wrong on the I2C bus.
Could not get board ID.
Unknown board, cannot configure pinmux.### ERROR ### Please RESET the board ###

All attempts to flash a different image or boot from the SD card fail with the same message. I gather that the EEPROM has lost it’s ID.

Is there anything I can do to fix this or has the EEPROM died?

Sounds like something may have died. But it is rather hard to debug hardware via email. I suggest that you try an RMA request and get it looked at.