BBB fried?

Hi, I had my beaglebone black wired with a relay board, using a transistor to separate different voltage sources and to provide more current. A wifi usb adapter was connected to the Bone too. Everything was running smoothly but, when i unplugged the adaptor e plugged it again, the system stopped working. It wasn’t the first time i rebooted that way buy until then everything was ok… now it won’t boot, only the pwr led blink for a second when I apply some voltage source. I tried to press the power button during the boot, ma nothing happen. Is my board fried?

You board is fried.


Is there anything I can do?

Request an RMA…


When users fry a $45 beaglebone black shouldn’t they just accept responsibility and buy a new one? I’m all for making people happy but at $45 it must be near cost and I’d hate to see bbb discontinued or price raised because of continued user error causing burned out boards. Something like the Raspberry Pi is touted as a laptop replacement and people don’t plug gpio into it. RMA should be for manufacturing defects and not user error…

Calm down, I simply asked what happened with my board and if I could do something. I didn’t asked for something free: if it’s my fault it’s fair that i’ll pay for it. Haven’t you ever made mistakes? And in that case, have you asked yourself if you could repair it?

And for your information: yes, i own a raspberry pi, and yes, i use gpio on it and no, didn’t burn any.