BBB frozen with mjpg-streamer

It’s not an award winning topic… but I’m able to freeze a BBB in a very easy and repeatable way.
I’m trying to realize this
The GUI is written in HTML5 using node.js via web socket on BBB with Ubuntu 13.04 (ARMhf)( (

The streaming is with mjpg-streamer from a Microsoft LifeCam HD-3000 on the same USB hub of the TP-LINK TL WN722N WiFi adapter… and here are the problems :frowning: the BBB freezes often for some seconds (watchdog process arise on “top” window with more than 90% of CPU) if both streaming and web sockets are working. The heartbeat led too stops blinking.

If I use a 1280x720 frame streaming I’m also able to stuck completely the BBB with all led stopped. It’s not a problem of stream frame loss, it’s a real OS problem.

node.js is 0.10.22 version and I tried with any version of mjpg-streamer.

The BBB is powered with an external power supply with 3A capability.

Could anyone please suggest me some more tests to perform? Do you think it could be a problem of driver (webcam or WiFi stick)?

Thank you in advance for any suggestion you can give me.


Guido did you figure this out? Also can't get mjpg-streamer working on latest debiam image although did before on angstrom.