BBB: gnome metacity crash after launching applications?

Hi - I’ve been having a problem with running several application in Gnome on the BBone Black (rev A4a & rev A5a; both running the April-13 Angstrom image). Upon launching the “problem” applications, the window bars disappears and no keyboard or mouse input is accepted. The only way to fix it is to kill the application from the virtual terminal or ssh.

I believe these symptoms are a result of Metacity, Gnome window manager, crashing (please correct me if my understanding is wrong).

The two programs in particular which cause this to happen are [I attached screenshots]:



Both of these I had to compile on the BBB and were not installed via opkg. I can included apps like Gnome Terminal and Midori. Has anyone else experienced this behavior? I’m guessing there is something I need to fix in the code of both these programs. Like maybe their usage of gtk is not aligned with what is installed on the BBB.