[BBB:GUI app<- packages <- PRU <- SPI ] ======== [SPI <-wifi radio module]


I am new with beaglebone black. So far I have been able to enable PRU and SPI to operate them from within the OS.
I would like to receive some packages with a wifi module and send them via SPI to the PRU unit that can write them into the BBB’s OS so that the GUI app can have access to them.
I need for the PRU to be able to use SPI full (to not compete with OS for that device).

So far I have been reading documentations and I have come up with this:
→ To use SPI just for PRU I need StarterWare
→ Do I need a Jtag to use CCSv6 with StarterWare so that I can program the PRU and SPI?
→ I would like to use SPI0 from BBB because the pins for SPI1 are blocked by HDMI.
→ I need HDMI so that I can read and see the captured packages

Who can help me out with this? Documentations, examples, which are more helpfull