BBB Hardware Crypto

I would like to use the crypto features on the BBB runing Debian / Ubuntu. Currently I’m running the Ubuntu (raring) eMMC flasher image from the circuitco ubuntu website (3.8.13-bone21).

I’m looking over the Cryptography Users Guide ( ) and I have a few questions:

  1. The True Random Number Generator does not appear in /dev/hwrng, do I have to rebuild the kernel and add this support explicitly?

  2. omap-sham and omap-aes appear to be loaded on startup (confirmed via dmesg), but I don’t seem to have the OCF drivers referenced in the document (cryptosoft.ko, cryptodev.ko and ocf.ko). However, there are a lot of different modules in /lib/modules/3.8.13-bone21/kernel/crypto. I insmod’d each of those and ran the openssl speed test. However, since the cryptodev module is not loaded, openssl appears to be using the software algorithms. How do use the crypto accelerator?

Lastly, thanks everybody for their time and help. I’m enjoying my BBB!


(I accidentally posted this to the unofficial “BeagleBone” group two days ago when I meant to post this one; sorry for the cross post)