BBB has some strange FS-properties and boot-behaviur?

Hello BBB-hackers (and others… :slight_smile: )

I am trying to understand the various parts that make up the bootprocess and properties that affect booting and flashing. Some questions that I have:

When reading around, I get the impression that an SPL-file named “MLO” should be stored on mmcblk0p1. When mounting it I see no files that even would remotely resamble what I expect. Where should I look? I cant find the big/regular U-Boot img file either. BBB boots fine anyway :confused:

When booting and connecting a serial to USB to UART0, I read “bad magic” after the “U-Boot SPL 2015-10…” on my stock BBB. Any explaination for this? The BBB boots fine otherwise AFAIK.

In an attempt to understand how a fresh am335x-design could be flashed, I installed UniFlash 3.4.1. Powering up BBB (using a USB-cable) with S2 pressed, I expect some noise from the UniFlash (the RNDIS-driver is properly enumerated by windows, has a proper static IP for each instance of the RNDIS’), but I get nothing. The serial wire does sometimes show 8 “C”-letters. Any pointers? I also tried installing openDHCP in hope to find clues to what happens when trying to boot using USB0, but it never seems to lease any IP to the BBB.

MLO, and u-boot.img are in the MBR of the disk now days. See “Install bootloader” subsection here: