BBB hates me

I swear the Beagle hates me.

I've been working off an SD card for the last week or two with nary a problem. Generally I leave the BBB powered all the time and issue shutdown or reboot commands. Sometimes I pull power, but I always issue shutdown -h before doing so.

I went away this weekend, and powered it off with shutdown -h before leaving. I powered it back up, and the SD card won't boot now. U-boot ends up in the "FAILSAFE: U-Boot UMS (USB Mass Storage) enabled, media now available over the usb slave port " mode.

It said something about "pl_load_image_fat_os: error reading image args, err - -1", but the serial port was a bit corrupt at that point.

What should I look at/for to fix it up?

If I boot with what's on the eMMC, and pop in the SD card, it auto-mounts on /media/rootfs, and seems intact. I can see /boot with my kernels, and my debian user home dir with all the usual files.

I swear the Beagle hates me.

No kidding, you seem to be having the worst of luck lately.

So pure speculation as I’ve no experience with that message, nor even where it comes from but it sounds like uboot.img might be somehow corrupt. It will be interesting to find out for sure exactly what it is. As always, wait for the authoritative nod from Robert :wink:

Good luck.