BBB HDMI initialization (bare metal)

I study BBB (bare metal) and learned how to initialize many of the functional blocks on the AM3358. But to initialize the HDMI still does not work…

Can you help me to find code examples for the initialization of the HDMI on BBB? I tried to find the GEL file or the examples in C, but so far unsuccessfully…

I suggest you look at the Linux driver to determine the needed setup of the framer.


This is a topic that has been lacking resources for quite a while. The manufacturer of the chip does not have a full data sheet with all commands listed available to the public. However, if you look at the Linux driver, you can get everything you need. I have a bare metal driver that I wrote for the chip some time ago. It's not pretty by any means and is riddled with very inefficient code, but I'm more than happy to share what I have if you'd like. I was working on this driver full time, then other projects took priority. I got it to work with junk test data, then stopped. It definitely needs to be cleaned up to be even remotely useful.

I wrote to your email!

Yes, I want to receive your code! My goal is a non-profit, I am enthusiast and want to make a good working example that would put it on my website for free access. I’d appreciate it if you could share the code!

Hi Travis!

I very much hope that you will share with me your code!

I tried to understand the linux kernel, but my knowledge was not enough…

I was able to beat her! :slight_smile: