BBB: HDMI Not Working


I apologize if this has been solved before. I was trying to search for answers, but I wasn’t able to find anyone else with my specific issue.

I had tested my HDMI with my TV when I first got my BBB and it worked find while hooked up to my PC using USB. Later I got an appropriate 5V connector, keyboard etc. to try running the board by itself without using SHH and now I’m not getting any video output.

I tried going back to the previous configuration where the board was plugged in to USB for power instead but that didn’t help.

Assuming I had broken something I followed these instructions to try and reset everything to factory setttings in case I disabled the output somehow. Didn’t help

I tried the troubleshooting steps here which gave me a “Failed to get size of gamma for output default” error:

I’m not sure what else to check. The power supply I got was specifically listed as compatible with BBB (I didn’t probe the voltage, but I assume if I was going to fry something it wouldn’t be the HDMI and nothing else…) Does anyone have any ideas how to troubleshoot this further?