BBB in Cold Weather

any idea how to move that exact software to eMMC?

rsync works great...


One reasonable troubleshooting technique would be to use a can of circuit cooler to identify exactly what part of the board is causing the malfunction.

I would also suspect a bad solder joint before a bad component on a temperature related bug like this.

If you are moderately competent with surface mount soldering, you might try resoldering some of the connections in the area of the board you have determined is causing the problem by using the circuit cooler. This is assuming that the warranty has expired.

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Attached are two pictures of the two boards, I am trying to take image from
4GB uSD card on left and write to 4GB eMMC on right.

  Yeesh... Flexible boot system if the one on the left runs with that
many components missing... no 5V in, no USB host (and I'm guessing that's
the USB power conditioning missing near it), no onboard flash, whatever
(EEPROM?) near the boot select area (whose switch appears to be missing,
along with reset/power switches -- though that may just be black-on-black
switches), and four other chips missing...

I recently had one random selected BBB sourced from Embest in the clima chamber at -40°C and it started and operated flawlessly within these conditions. I was somehow surprised by myself a little bit.

Was it booting from the eMMC or a uSD card?