BBB in vehicle

Hello all,
I am totally new to BBB, i even don’t have one yet. We are making electric vehicle from zero, we have only chassis. We are programming the main controller. I need a touch screen panel to control all vehicle systems(lights, heating system, start/stop). I think that BBB would be best choice, but need help on that from everyone who have had anything with BBB and touch screen + CAN communication. I plan to use BBB and 7" screen, haven’t found bigger one for BBB. Chipsee offers one with CAN extension. How reliable is BBB and touch screen. Maybe what would be the best touch screen for the BBB. Maybe someone knows more about CAN communication with BBB. What problems did you got and solved maybe?
Briefly, I would like to get all kind of comments from all users.
Thank you in advance,
Martynas Lukas