BBB industrial version


I noticed there are two BBB industrial versions from Arrow and Element14. And the BBB Jessie images also have been built for them based on messages on github.

But I could not find any useful information of how to get them. Anyone know the status and where to buy?


I just ordered mine from Arrow through the reginal office. The Arrow product (Cherry Blossom) was designed in my country (South Africa) so stock is not a problem.
It is also a lot cheaper than the BBB.

If you both are talking about this:

They’re actually marketing a regular beaglebone black RevC as an industrial model. It uses the same processor, and other parts. they also claim USB 3.0, which is false. On top of that they sell the board for a 40%+ markup. In other words, they’re full of crap.

From their “datasheet”

One additional note:

If someone is selling a beaglebone black for more than the $55 listed price, they’re very likely not a circuitco partner, and are probably “marketing” dirbags.

I actually just read this from Arrow website. It mentions AM3358BZCZA100, which seems different with normal model and support -40-85.

Actually I found the two industrial models from Arrow and Element14 listed at BBB image-builder project on github. I thought that should be more “official”. I noticed they have been assigned an EEPROM model. And the Arrow one is also listed at as formal supported platform by Jessie.

So this Arrow model might be an industrial model I am looking for. Hopefully anyone knows more details can share more information.



在 Dec 29, 2015,04:26,William Hermans <> 写道:

No it is not that, I did mention it was called Cherry Blossom

Geez man. This is an industrial temperature grade unit not the standard. Please get some info before slamming people always.

and HDMI chip is industrial anyway? lies!

In 2017 Arrow sold a processor based on the AM3358BZCZA100 which is industrial temperature, and we UL certified our product using that shipment - now the NRTL needs us to have that processor
on there and lo-and-behold Arrow doesn’t ship that anymore. We figured once you start delivering industrial temp units and people incorporate it into their products Arrow wasn’t going to drop them. Wrong I guess.
Where do you get a industrial temp now?

Special Computing had been building our BBB Industrial temp board for our own projects since the beginning, but seems to have forced out all small vendors to allow only TI franchised distributors to remain. We still build these boards, but only for our needs which has almost dwindled to once yearly builds.

You may consider the Mentorel BBB board instead.

How many BBB boards do you need?

May I ask if the BBB Industrial boards from Special Computing are identical to the one from Element14[1]?