BBB label / file visibilty

im using Debian with my BBB, all works fine, there are just cuple ( very easy things i suppose ) that i cant get thorugh.

1st. How to change BBB label. I’ve changed disk label from the debian side, but i can`t finde any way to change the name that BBB is displaying after plug-in.

2st. How to choose what files are visible after BBB getting plugged. I have full acces by SFTP, but i want to limit file visilibyt to other useres.

1st. - You need to use a tool such as mlabel I think it is for FAT partitions t change the disk name.

2nd. There is no file permissions for FAT / FAT32, so you would have to relocate these files to a Linux filesystem type in order to achieve permissions. Do note however this is not recommended unless you know absolutely 100% what you’re doing. The boot process relies on several of these files, and if you move them, your board will not boot.

So, in order to achieve a fix for #2. You would probably want to use one of the newer debian images that use a single partition. However, you would lose Windows compatible USB mass storage gadget. I suppose it is possible to setup a convoluted 2 partition system that could achieve the “best” of both worlds . . . but that is something you would have to explore on your own. I doubt many people have interest in such a setup.