BBB + LCD3 Cape in Portrait Mode

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I would like to configure the kernel/LCD Driver/frame buffer (which ever) to orient the display in portrait mode (240x320) by default. I’ve built Rowboat Android 4.2.2 and Robert Nelson’s 3.8.13-bone26 kernel. I’ve searched google for a while looking for solutions that involve just Android settings, but so far none have worked. I would like to have everything in portrait mode, the initial boot tux image, the Android loading screen and of course Android itself. Any assistance would be appreciated.




I am using the same prebuilt Image, but I cannot display my android on the LCD. How did you do it?

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Just so we’re on the same page, I followed the instructions on this page to build uboot, kernel and android from scratch. After completing the steps to copy all required files to the SD card I tried it on my BBB and everything worked including the LCD.

One thing you might look at since you used a prebuilt image is uEnv.txt in the boot partition. I think most of the prebuilt images assume you are going to connect an HDMI monitor of some kind. If you are using one of the LCD capes, you need to make sure the “video” kernel parameter in uEnv.txt is removed. This will allow the kernel to use the LCD cape at its default resolution.

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Check out the links in

Since your using a 3.8 kernel, start with opening up a command prompt/terminal and seeing if /sys/class/graphics/fbcon/rotate even exists. If it does exist, GREAT. If it does not, rebuild your system and this time make sure to enable CONFIG_FRAMEBUFFER_CONSOLE_ROTATION .

Now you can edit your boot configuration and add the fbcon=rotate: parameter to it.

This should get your booting process into whichever mode you want it to be in by trying different values for [0-3]

Once your booted into your GUI however, I believe the fbcon driver will be unloaded and a different driver will be used in it’s place. I’m not sure how Android configures the window settings, if it is using Xorg than you can try various settings in the config file to set the default rotation.

Thanks for the reply. This is actually one of the things I’ve tried. If fbcon=rotate:3 is added to the kernel args in uEnv.txt then the LCD image orientation of the console is portrait (top of LCD is side opposite buttons on LCD3 cape). However, as you mentioned, when the Android loading screen is displayed the orientation reverts to landscape.

I don’t know much about Android’s graphics driver, but I’ve found several other posts indicating that Android doesn’t depend on any existing Window manager/display server implementation found in linux.