BBB led power only after flashing eMMC

Hello everyone,

I bought a BBB (rev C from element14) and tested it: at start up, the USERS leds blinks.

→ Normal behaviour

I have tried to update the flash image (with debian 7.9 distribution) by following the instructions in the site Beagleboard:Updating The Software -

I unplagged the power supply and I keep pressed the S2 button (boot) (at least 1 minute), I Applied the power to the board by plugging in the cable (external power supply 5 V, 3 A). Only power led is on.

When I pressed the power button for at least 8 seconds, the power led is turned off then after 3-4 seconds it is turned on.

When I connect the BBB to UART port, I see the character ‘CCCCCC’ periodically, what does it mean?

Could you please help me, it is urgent?

It just means the card was in-correctly flashed..

Please confirm which tool you used to flash and what command you use
to flash it..

(mostly likely you dd'ed to the partition "/dev/sdX1" vs the drive "/dev/sdX")