BBB Mouse not available for 1 minute.

Hi All

This problem has been occupying me on or off for weeks.
What the object of the exercise is:
To start the BBB in console and use a .service file to start Xorg and my applications
without starting openbox or a Window Manager.

The environment:
Beaglebone Black Rev:c
Debian 9 Image 2018-10-07
Console only no gui.
Then installed Xorg ,openbox

Created a smartplug.service file in /lib/systemd/system
which contains the following.

Hi All

In addition to my previous post.(Can’t seem to edit my original post)

The onboard Flash disk has been erased and I am booting on a uSD.
Running systemd-analyze blame shows these two very high numbers.
56.5 s generic-board-startup.service
54.3 s dev-mmcblk0p1.device

Using the board in the application with no cape’s.