BBB no host dmesg

Newbie w/ BBB -

Was able ONCE to have host ( 2.6.32 ) recognize BBB ( files mounted ). It seemed to require being reset AFTER plugging USB cable.

I’m new to enet over USB but noted there was an eth1 entry in that case. FWIW I did run that

Now I see no dmesg activity whatsoever, with various combo’s of reset, external power 5V, USB plugging, host reboot.

There is no microSD currently but my understanding is that it is not needed. I’ll want to run Angstrom.

I’d expect that at least the BBB should be able to be mounted as storage device, I can understand there could be other issues to comunicate via enet over USB ( e.g ifconfig usb0 etc ).

If anyone can suggest what to try or look at for mounting as USB storage I’d appreciate it. Then I’ll go for enet over USB.

I’m having trouble understanding. So you’re having problems connecting your BBB to your computer? Is it Windows?

Yes, problems, Not windows - its Fedora ( 2.6.32 kernel ) . Something I should have mentioned before: The one time BBB DID mount I noticed that [ all? ] files were zero size. I saw something similar to that zero size issue on forum but cant find the thread.