BBB not accessible


I am looking for some help. Appreciate any input.

I have a BBB running Ubuntu 14.04. I also have TP-Link TL-725N wifi dongle. I did follow instructions from this site to to build the required drivers for the wifi dongle to work. After compiling the wifi dongle works.

I am using the BBB along with OpenSprinkler h/w to irrigate my landscape. The BBB is powered by the OpenSprinkler h/w.

The issue I have is that approximately 36 hrs to 48 hrs after a boot up, the BBB becomes inaccessible. I have to go and unplug the power and put it back in to restart it. I keep pinging it all the time from my computer at home so that I am convinced I can access it. But when the board is not accessible, ping comes back saying “Request timeout for icmp_seq 44990” ping: sendto: Host is down. I cannot ssh as ssh times out. I can see that the heartbeat led is not on. Only the power led is lit and stays on as it does always.

Since the h/w is mounted on a case out side my home right by my irrigation valves, I cannot run a network cable directly to it. I am dependent on the wifi dongle to get access to the BBB.

I have been struggling the past couple of weeks when I purchased the BBB.

I did look at the syslog file in /var/log and at the time of failure, the syslog has a bunch of “^@” symbols for a couple of lines.

I am not sure what else I could do to make this board stay up. FWIW, the board is pretty much inactive on times when there is nothing to do. The irrigation program is used on demand once every 3 days or so. Much depends on how hot it gets and how the soil gets dry etc…

Any suggestions as to what might be happening here and if I should try some thing?


What kernel are you actually running?

uname -r

other thoughts..

and did you disable hdmi?
have you disable wifi pm?