BBB OS Development suggested resources

I am interested in OS Development as a hobby.

I started off with a Raspberry Pi 2B, but soon found the BCM2836 documentation lacking. The TI Sitara used in the BBB looks much better in this regard.

The setup I have planned is to boot my OS off eMMC and use Linux on an SD Card to do the development work. My immediate goal before writing any OS features is to boot a stub that can blink some lights and echo a message sent over the serial line, which will be the main way to interact with the OS for now.

Naturally, I have a few questions, and any help anyone could give would be much appreciated:

  1. Has anyone done this before? Good example code or a reliable point of contact for questions would be best.
  2. Besides the manuals for the hardware and BBB schematics, are there any resources that would be helpful?

I’d recommend to use StarterWare which comes with all required definitions and a bunch of example codes (including the blinking LED). StarterWare is available for free at TI’s pages or as a (fully compatible) community-variant which comes with a lot of bug fixes the original version never got:

Beside of that the AM335x TRM will be your best friend.