BBB power led only

Hello everyone,

I bought a BBB and tested it: at start up, the USERS leds blinks. I have followed the instructions in the site Beagleboard:Updating The Software -

I unplagged the power supply and I keep pressed the S2 button (boot) (at least 1 minute), I Applied the power to the board by plugging in the cable (external power supply 5 V, 3 A). Only power led is on.

When I pressed the power button for at least 8 seconds, the power led is turned off then after 3-4 seconds it is turned on.

When I connect the BBB to UART port, I see the character ‘CCCCCC’ periodically, what does it mean?

Could you please help me, it is urgent?

That indicates that the AM335x can't find a device to boot off of and,
I believe, that it is looking for some commands via serial in order to
boot via serial. Maybe your emmc isn't set up correctly.

Maybe reload the emmc via the sd flasher image and see if that fixes the issue.