BBB - PPM input

New to BBB board, but not to Linux OS, ardupilot/rover software and mission planner.

I’m at wits end trying to get PPM input to work with BBB & Ardurover. Tried DSM port and EM pin 4 for input from an OPEN LRS 433Mhz receiver. Receiver is outputting 3.3v PPM. Receiver works perfectly with an old APM and Pixhawk controllers.

Kernel 5.10.168 - U-Boot: v2022.04
MIssion Planner - 1.3.80

What am I overlooking? I’m sure it’s something simple. (I hope)

Thank you,

Hi @Scobin
are you using bbb or bblue ?
All interfaces with RC (Input and output) is managed by a prus code, and is most probable that you are having problem with the pru.
Are the motors/esc beeping when you start ardupilot ?

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Duh… forgot there is a Black board. I’m using a blue.

ESCs are not connected yet, was doing baby steps. I first was getting anUBlox C94-M8P RTK board working via USB. Next was to get the radio working. I figured it might be an issue with PRU, but have no idea where to even begin with that.

Is there documentation that I missed on the website?

Thank you,

For the PRU itself no.
have had checked this one : GitHub - imfatant/test
Some information, what is the kernel version are you using ?
How is your uEnv file ?
Could you run the /opt/scripts/tools/ and send the result ?


Thank you for the link. I noticed that the instructions I had followed were nothing like the steps outlined in your link. I started from scratch and followed step by step.

I now have PPM signals being displayed in Mission Planner and GPS data from ttyACM0 port. :slight_smile: Next step is to test servo output.

My plan is to use the board to control a zero turn mower.

Again, thank you!

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hi @Scobin

great :slight_smile:
if there is any problem, please contact me :slight_smile:
One thing I recommend btw, is disable INS_FAST_SAMPLE - this sometimes causes errors - IMU RESET.

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