BBB refuses restart

Yesterday I got my new BBB Rev A6. The first connection via USB* put power to the board and BBB booted as expected. I followed the instructions on and updated to the latest software. After ~45 minutes the 4 USRx lit solid, but I couldn’t turn off the board using the power button! So I pulled the USB cable to take away power. Then my problems started: I plugged in the USB cable and pressed the power button (more than 8 seconds) a few times, but the BBB refused to restart! On the fourth try connecting the USB cable and without pressing the power button the board suddenly “woke up” and booted correctly.

I started configuring the BBB using SSH via kitty and later connected an ethernet cable and got the desktop connection via TightVNC viewer working. I did a proper logout (TightVNC) and issued the shutdown command via SSH turning off the BBB. I did not disconnect the BBB from the powered USB-hub and left it connected for the rest of the night.

This morning I failed to get the BBB wake up again: Connecting the USB cable lights up the LED next to the power connector. Pressing the power button for more than 8 seconds lights up all 4 USRx solid. I think the supplied 500mA per USB port may not be enough so I connect to my USB 3.0 hub (4 ports powered by 12V and 3A). After pressing the power button all 4 USRx LEDs start blinking simultaneously. This looks like an alert signal so I pull the USB cable immediately. Later on I switch back to my 8 port USB 2.0 hub and try again. Now not even one the 4 USRx LEDs light up!!! Then I desperately press the reset button - nothing happens! Then I remember the successful update process from yesterday: So I put in the SD card, press the boot switch while powering on… of course to no avail:-(

Any ideas? I think about returning it to my vendor instead of opening an RMA… (because this is process is quicker). Have I done something “wrong” that caused the board to “break”?

*Connected to a powered 8 port USB hub. I unplugged all other USB devices from this hub to insure a sufficient current. The hub is powered with 5V and 4A.

Go my BBB 2 days back

I have an issue, when I plug BBB via USB, the Safely remove hardware symbol doesnt appear…I dont know what to do then, so I removed it directly. Will this cause any problems? Is there some problem as Safely remove hardware symbol doesnt appear?

Going as per your problem, why do you use the power switch? I dont touch it at all