BBB Rev C Kernel Panic on Flash

Hey guys,

I’m trying to restore my BBB Rev C to it’s original state. I’m using the Debian image that I think should have shipped on the board [], and keep getting a kernel panic during boot.

I have nothing in the GPIO slots and the only other hardware attached is the HDMI, microSD, and Keyboard/Mouse.

Is there maybe a different image for the Rev C, or anyone had a similar issue?

Use one of the later "updates" such as "2014-07-22"


Maybe this is a seperate issue, but booting from that image I get a series of errors:
“FAT-fs (mmcblk0p1): error, fat_get_cluster: iinvalid cluster chain (i_pos 0)”
This repeats, interlaced with “invalid access to FAT 0xXXXXXX” for 2+ hours, with the flash never finishing (lights still flashing on the board).