bbb rev c wont boot from sd — where the heck are the proper files??

i am new to bbb and not a linux pro but i am learning

i now know how to access the sdcard in virtualbox u untu on my mac and i am able to partition the sdcard with a bootable partition called BOOT, and i added a fat parition called ROOTFS

my understanding is that i need to copy the MLO and u-boot. img files to the BOOT partition and i should be able to connect via ftdi debug connnector, hold the user button and power the board and it should at least show the MLO running ...

but i cannot figure out for the life of me where these files are .. i have tried all versions of these files i could find online ... please help and also does this all sound correct?

my understanding is I can boot incrementally adding the needed files and see the progress as I try each boot with an additional file

ok update … i don’t know if i had the wrong MLO file or what … but i just moved to the next option and flashed an sd card image and was able to continue … the structure of the card seems to be the same as how i was setting it up but … anyway … i am going to continue this way and forget about the MLO details for now . thank you

The rootfs partition should be a LINUX partition (type 83) not a FAT partition.

The boot partition can be FAT, but newer kernel/uboot do not need the boot partition at all. One advantage of a boot partition is it never gets written to (except for kernel updates) so it is less likely to suffer corruption.