BBB Revisions

I was on one of the resellers websites and noticed they listed five BBBs, with different revision numbers. All but the A6A was
was listed as discontinued. The one I have is an A5A, the oldest on the list. It wasn’t too long ago that I bought this thing, seems like a lot of revisions in a short period of time.

What are the differences between the A5A and A6A? Is the A5A missing anything significant? I looked for a comparison sheet on the board but couldn’t locate one.


section 2.2 starting on page 13 of the current Beagle bone black SRM addresses board revisions as does the wiki page in section 6. links to both are below:

wiki page:


short answer - other than dimming a couple led’s on the A5B revision due to one or more people claiming their brightness kept them awake (couldn’t have been the excitement of having a new toy blinking away next to the bed in the same room)… just extremely minor tweaks with, “No changes in features or operation of the board.” Read both the SRM and wiki page though… It will really help in making good use of the board and understanding things. Gerald has done an exemplary job at producing great documentation.