BBB runs fine through usb but will not display anything through hdmi

Ive read through the manual a few times but could have missed something.

From the usb side everything works, web server, bonescript interactive guide, cloud9, ect

However from the hdmi/standalone side

  1. Plug in power supply via barrel plug (tried 1A, 1.5A 2.5A and 7A 5v supplies)

  2. Once heartbeat starts flashing plug in hdmi

  3. And… nothing… sometimes the display turns black like it’s trying to work, others nothing at all, ive tried with and w/o mice/keyboard

One time it did boot, but the display was flickering every few seconds, I could not get the mouse or keyboard to work the board seemed “frozen” (with and without usb hub)

Also attempted to boot from flash drive with no luck.

I know the monitor, mouse and keyboard are good, setup a raspberry pi this morning.

The only problem I can think of would be the hdmi cable, contacted the seller to see if they will ship another one. Other than that any ideas? I bet it’s something silly simple…usually is… really excited to get it running, when it did boot it loaded much faster than the pi

have the c version

Try plugging in the HDMI before you release the board from reset. Make sure the ground of the supply to the monitor is the same as the power supply of the board.