[BBB] - [scratch] Please Help I have no clue what I am doing

Hello everyone, I am completely and entirely new to anything Linux, debian and beagle bone. I just unboxed my BeagleBone Black and I intend on using it as a standalone computer that runs Scratch. I was informed to flash the 2018 debian image to the BBB instead of using the preconfigured 2020 debian image. I successfully did so and upon booting the BBB I expected the debian desktop to just load up. Again I have no experience so I was confused to see the command window/ prompt open. I proceeded to put in the user and password (debian:temppwd) but was met with line that said “debian@beaglebone:-$”. I have no idea where to go from here. Someone please help or point me in the right direction because I am not finding much on the internet haha. Thanks

Looks like Scratch requires x…

I’d recommend you start with teh xfce desktop image from here:

and then run

sudo apt update
sudo apt install scratch