BBB SD card Partition info in Kernel Source code


I’m trying to boot BBB from SD card. I’ve created 4 partitions in SD card as,

P1 ====> 2 MB for MLO and u-boot.img
P2 ====> 8 MB for Kernel image (uImage)
P3 ====> 2 MB for dtb
P4 ====> rest for rootfs

I know I can combine MLO, u-boot.img, dtb and uImage into single partition, but I don’t want to do that.

If we are using atmel controller, in Linux source code, under linux-/drivers/mtd/flash_map.c we can give the partition information configured for flash. It looks something like this

Auto Generated Inline Image 1.png

My question is, in Kernel source code, some where we need to feed the information of SD card partitions which I’ve created earlier. May I please know where I have to feed these info.