BBB sometimes fails to boot when power applied

Something I noticed is that sometimes the BBB fails to boot when power is applied. The power led comes on but the 4 leds don’t do anything. When it does boot properly the 4 status LEDs flash indicating it’s booting.

Usually when this happens if I unplug it and plug it back in then it boots fine. This is kind of annoying and more importantly could be a big problem if I ever have to power cycle boards in an embedded application.

I have several (10 boards) and some of them do it, some don’t. I have a clean 5v 1amp power that is applied through the barrel jack. Is there some guidance of how power should be applied? eg does the 5v need to rise and fall at a certain rate different than physically plugging the barrel jack in fails to do?

It’s hard to reproduce repeatedly but it probably does it 1 in 20 times or so as a guestimate.

Thanks for any insight.

This same discussion was had not long ago . . . searching this group should have shown you related results . . .

No knows the exact 100% catch all answer for the problem, but typically seems to be related to power supply. Inadequate power supply, or a ramp time that is too slow. Possibly also related to software in some cases.