BBB stopped working, won't power up.

I was working on running a shift register, had P8_07 through P8_10 hooked up to the DATA, LATCH, CLEAR, and CLOCK ports of a 74LS164, then a couple of the outputs over to a ULN2803 to run LEDs. I’m not sure when it died, it had lights on when I moved over to the Cloud9 browser, then when I couldn’t get a response from Cloud9 after some coding, it was black.

I’ve been using a 5V bench supply but I’ve tried it with the USB plug, and a wall wart running 5V. All I get is a quick flash on the power LED and then blank. If I hit the Power button, the LED flashes for a split second again, then blank. I’ve taken out the SD card, removed the wireless mouse dongle, nothing. Hold down the power or boot buttons and plug in, nothing.
I can’t see any burned components, nor do I smell anything burned on the board. Is it done for, and did I do it, given that fairly innocuous circuit?

Sounds like you popped something. RMA is your best option.

Also check to make sure you followed the rules for using the expansion headers.


I’m completely willing to take responsibility, but would connecting the logic directly to the pins I describe on a 74LS164 overvoltage the header? As far as I can tell, it should just take the High from the pins and drain to the GND on the chip.

I can’t say. I would need to see a schematic of how it was all wired up.


+5V and GND into each IC.

Well, considering the voltage of the I/O is rated at 3.3V max, I would say the processor is most likely destroyed.