BBB u-boot hangs

Hi all,

I’m having problems with the BBB boot, sometimes (1 out of 20 times) it hangs in u-boot. The power led is on but all user leds are off.

I’m trying to debug this using the serial console, but when I connect the serial debug connector to a FTDI serial-to-usb convertor, the problem disappears,

When I boot without the serial debug port connected and the problem occurs. And then I connect the serial port, I can see that it is stuck in u-boot, before the actual boot. Giving the ‘boot’ command resumes the boot process.

Does anybody have a clue about what the problem could be and how I could fix it ?


Sounds like it might be noise coupling in on the serial connector RX line. There is a terminating resistor that was added to help this issue. Try turning off all printouts to the serial port and see how that affects this issue.


Gerald → bad / problematic ground ? I dont know, but am asking.

Could also be the case. That was the reason for the message shutdown. If still happens, the he ground is the next most likely culprit. Connecting the debug serial cable may be giving a better ground.

Another to do would be to only connect the ground pin of the serial debug cable and see if that improves things.


Ok, so next time I need something to do, I will test that with my own setup. Currently however I am on a record uptime ( for me ) with my BBB, and I would like to see how long I can go without shutting it down.

I have some questions, but instead of hyjackign this person thread ( as I’ve already done - sorry :confused: ) I’ll make my own post when I am ready.

I hope it stays going a long long time.

I will miss you!!