BBB unexpectedly dead after a week; what to try/what to expect from an RMA?


I’m a week into a BBB revC/Debian project using the LEDscape library to control some Adafruit NeoPixels. Everything was working out great with the electronics so I upgraded the kernel and then configured a WiFi adapter; no problems there either. I rebooted several times to make sure it would continue to recognize the WiFi interface and it was still working perfectly as an SSH host using avahi. I then powered down the BBB for about half hour and when I tried to start it again it wouldn’t turn on and has not since then. The only sign of life is a tiny flicker of the PWR LED when I push the power button. There is no output from the serial terminal during the boot which isn’t too surprising to me since the light only flickers on for a split second. I’m using a brand new 5V 4A power supply through the barrel jack on the board, drawing a peak of about 120mA through the VDD pin for two NeoPixels (though I disconnected everything once I noticed a problem with booting). I’ve read a few other accounts of people having BBBs suddenly die like this post that links to this page. Any ideas on anything else to try? If I submit an RMA request I have a few basic questions about the process before I move ahead with it. Namely, what sort of turnaround time might I expect and should I expect to be charged for a repair or replacement. Here’s a Fritzing breadboard diagram of my circuit (there are no inputs into the BBB, so I don’t think I fried it that way). I am really enjoying the BBB so far and I hope I can get this resolved quickly so I can keep working on my project!

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Request the RMA. Turn around should not take long. Replacing the blown processor isn’t that complicated.

You might want to take a look ant your design to make sure the blown processor is not due to your connection to the NeoPixels.


Thanks for your response, Gerald! I will request the RMA.