BBB unresponsive to VDD_5V


Similar to a couple of older threads I’ve found on searching, one of my BBB’s (a rev B) has recently stopped powering up from VDD_5V (either the barrel jack or P9 connector).

Not sure what might have triggered this, nothing had changed in hardware setup for some time, power was permanently supplied from a 5V wall wart and it was being cleanly shutdown from software each day, and restarted from the on-board power button. Only things connected were ethernet, a USB RF dongle, and a hall effect sensor (powered from VDD_3V3B). Have since removed everything, and just attached a serial debug cable.

Timing to failure is a bit variable, from nothing at all, to a brief flash of the power LED, to getting several seconds into boot before it dies (have also tried running from a bench supply, but just the same results). I suppose the PMIC is shutting things down for a reason (it draws no current in this state), but it is still working fine from the USB_DC line.

So I’m a bit stumped. Any ideas, or should I look for an RMA?

Thanks in advance,

Go the RMA route so it can be looked at.


Thanks Gerald, have submitted a request..