BBB: update the software

Days ago I got my BeagleBone Black card. Actually I’m very satisfied for the choice, I got quite exactly what I expected, and now I have a lot of things to learn.

The next step for me will be to update the software, and I will not proceed until I will have clear the whole procedure to follow. About this topic I see there are lot of tutorials and lot of confusion. Why?

Actually I’m still stucked on the first step: Download the image file of choice.

So, my Angstrom image version is: Cloud9 GNOME Image 2013.06.06 and I need at least this version.

Looking for the latest flasher images I found this page:
where there is this link:

Ok, I say, this is the one I need. But time later, reading this (official) tutorial:

I found this link:

But, wait a second! There is also another page I found in the primary software support page:

where I find these two images:

Ok, see there the one of october 20, but STOP! there is an extra six in front of it, maybe a typo?

Any advice? What should be my guess? TYA

I agree, this is a confusing situation. I have installed the 2013.09.12 version without incident, but apparently the 2013.09.04 is the officially supported version.