BBB USB Babble problems

We have some touch screens that cause the BBB to shut down usb after the babbling touch screen causes a babble condition. I found patches by Ravi Babu to address this, but they do not apply to the 3.8.13 kernel from RCN that we are using because usb_phy_vbus_off/on are not supported. Does anyone know how recent a kernel is necessary or have any experience with those patches? Is there anything else that can be done to recover from the babble condition?


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After downloading a ton of kernels, it appears that 3.10.13 has the missing usb_phy_vbus_off/on that the patches need. Are there patches for the BBB from TI for the 3.10 series kernels?

It is my understanding that TI is focusing on 3.12.


Where can I find the necessary patches for 3.12? I followed a link of RCN’s and appear to have gotten a 3.12-rc2 kernel tree but no patches.


I have no idea.


I think it'll be here:

under the ti-linux-3.12.y branch

But they used gitorious, so viewing via http is painfully slow...
Just haven't pulled the branch locally to physically see what's been