BBB USB Ethernet connection problems

I’ve experienced a connectivity problem between my BBB and my PC with the Ethernet over USB connection.

This happened after an Angstrom upgrade via SD card.

I got authentication messages after I connected the BBB and things seemed to go wrong after that.

The BBB is working just fine and I’m sure something changed on my PC that I haven’t come across yet.

I took the BBB to another computer and yes everything worked.

1.) Putty works
2.) Ping from to works
3.) Ping from to fails
4.) Ping from to my router fails with a “Network unreachable” message
5.) My BBB media drive is useable R/W with respect to the PC.
6.) ICS is enabled for sharing with the BBB connection on the PC
7.) the BBB connection on the PC is setup for DHCP.
8.) ICMP setting in the window firewall are enabled in & out (IPv4)

The error logs on my PC have NAT-Sharing errors and DNS errors.

Can someone help with the windows firewall settings? Or could there be more to it in the registry entries for the Linux RNDIS drivers?

Help is respectfully requested.