[BBB] USB-OTG working in Kernel 3.15 or later?

Hello everyone, I have a custom AM335x board that is not changing its USB mode based on the ID pin.

My kernel is mainline 3.17.4. And my device tree file sets my two USBs as ‘otg’ (dr_mode = ‘otg’).
I see the two usb ports when I type lsusb or usb-devices in the prompt. Yet nothing happens when I plugin a device. My board neither goes into the host nor peripheral mode.

When I set my USBs to host (dr_mode = ‘host’), they work just fine as hosts.

USB-OTG has worked well in pre-device-tree kernel (3.4). I was able to use open a console session over ttyACM.

Hence it’s definitely the kernel change between 3.4 and 3.17.

A good data point for me would be whether or not USB-OTG is working with BBB running kernel 3.15 or later (ideal running 3.17). If yes, I know the problem is my device tree configuration.

Any help would be appreciated!