BBB USB serial

Hi all,

I’ve spent several days scouring the web for USB solutions and, being a newbie, most are over my head, so I was hoping someone would take a minute to advise my situation personally.

Basically, I’m trying to interact with another device set up as a CDC USB class device - to test, I’m just trying to send commands to /dev/ttyACM0 and get responses. I can ping the device and get the expected response once, but only once each time I boot the BBB. I’m confident my BBB software and CDC device firmware are fine, as I can ping as much as I want from my Linux desktop machine, so I’m guessing it’s a BBB issue.

Is this similar to the hotplugging issue? 0013-usb-musb-avoid-stopping-the-session-in-host-mode.patch seems applicable, but I’ve never applied a kernel patch and can’t find a good tutorial for doing so. However, if somebody with more experience than me thinks that that would solve the issue, I’d be willing to give it a try.

I’ve got the 3.8.13 kernel, BBB rev A5C, and the Angstrom 2013.09.07 flasher image.