Yes I know this is an old topic, or chronic. I am trying to revive a batch of BBBs. I got the current image and am running them off an SD card. I have the USB Wifi dongles from back in the day. By memory we got them to work ok enough. Where can I find the current BBB wifi setup instructions? This has changed a number of times over the migration to current Debian. The dongle isn’t technically on the supported list. It is labeled Comfast CF-WU720N. The manufacturer’s web site says it uses the Raylink 5370 chipset. On boot it is identified and invokes the rt2800usb kernel module. The dongle has a little blue activity or power light that doesn’t come on now. By memory, this all worked but we had some initial issues with power management or something that controlled turning it on. I’d really like to use them.
Pointers would be appreciated.

After fiddling around, this works with newer BBB boards and the same dongle. The connmanctl instructions in /etc/network/interfaces work just fine, with newer boards. Any idea what is different about older BBBs? I did this on a power plug. They all have Robotics Capes and the newer ones will do WiFi when running off the battery.

Same setup on “old” and “new” boards, ie. running from SD, power, anything else you can think of? How old is old?

Don’t know if the bootloader could set anything relevant. Can you hold the BOOT/SD button when you first apply power and see?

How old is old? Rev?