BBB + Waveshare cape + CRAMPS or BeBoPr ++ Compatible

I'm looking for an LCD Cape that is compatible with CRAMPS or BeBoPr I was looking at.

That looks like it ought to work fine, although I didn't see a
schematic. Since it doesn't have buttons it's less likely to cause any
pin conflicts. It looks like it's got an analog touch-screen, so that
might interfere with other ADC inputs (for thermistors), you'll want to
check. If that's a problem, the BeBoPr supports using a dedicated ADC,
leaving the on-chip ADC free for touch screen and producing better
results than the on-chip ADC which is a bit noisy.

Most any of the available LCD capes I've seen would work if you don't
need the buttons (or can live without whatever the button GPIO pins do
on the BeBoPr/CRAMPS boards). The BeBoPr is more likely to have free
I/O available for LCD buttons if you need them than the CRAMPS (which
uses most of the available I/O pins).

Either way, if there's an overlap with the button GPIO pins, you'll
probably have to do some device-tree overlay hacking, but that's
straight-forward enough.

As for the LCD itself, I typically run with HDMI enabled, and the LCD
capes typically use the same I/O pins, so that's not a problem. If
you're wanting to run a UI on the LCD, make sure you've got enough
pixels (or are prepared to craft your own UI if you're using something
like Machinekit). It's annoying to have half of the UI scrolled off the
right or bottom of the display! :slight_smile:

Normally I wouldn't mind Moding I don't want to add any more headaches. Since this will be my first Delta printer build.
So I'd like to keep things as straight forward as possible.

I plan on using Machinekit. With that in mind, and not wanting to mess with setting up my own UI (If some one wants make 1 I'll use it :slight_smile: ) until I have goten my delta printer set up. Should I hold off on the LCD?

With CRAMPS a HDMI LCD would be best?
With BeBoPr ++ HDMI or cape should work?

The schematics third try

You should be able to use both (either HDMI LCD or LCD via a cape) with the BeBoPr++. But there have been many problems with LCD capes in the past. And you need enough resolution for axis. So maybe starting with a HDMI monitor is the easiest way to start.

-- Bas

Ok will do and thanks.

The BeagleBone HDMI output will work fine with either the CRAMPS or the
BeBoPr++, and you can use an inexpensive adapter to connect to a DVI
monitor if that's more convenient.

Most of the Machinekit/LinuxCNC interfaces are geared towards 800x600 or
higher display resolutions. When I connected a low-resolution 7" LCD
(800x480), there wasn't enough vertical resolution to see everything on
the display (you really do need about 600 vertical lines for the Axis
UI). There are some new Qt based user interfaces that are just now
coming out, but they probably won't run well natively on the BeagleBone
until the SGX GPU drivers are made to work with the Xenomai patches in a
3.14 kernel (work is in progress, but I can't advise you to assume it
will all be working happily together soon). If you're willing to use an
Android tablet or other remote system as a display you might want to
look into the new interfaces.

I have several 1280x1024 DVI monitors that work really well with the BBB
HDMI output (using a physical adapter), and 1024x768 would also work
well. If you use an HDMI monitor, 720P is pretty reliable, but 1080p
needs to run at a 24-30 Hz frame rate (due to the BBB pixel clock
limits) and not all HDMI monitors will support that.