BBB: Where is pin1 of JTAG connector?


I have got a BeagleBoard_Black Rev 6.
To solder that JTAG socket I am looking for an information where pin1 is located on the board.
According to the schedule and the fact that pin5 should have a voltage of 3.3V I would assume that pin1 is the pin close to pin12 of header P9.

Can anybody confirm?



The pins are numbered. Pin1 has a 1 next to it, closest to the connector and next to the inductor.


I can see something that looks like a “1”.
But if that is pin1, then I would expect the 3rd pin in the row to be pin5 (TVDD).
According to the schedule that pin should have a voltage of 3.3V, but what I measured is 0V.
Is that voltage expected to come in from the JTAG emulator?
Thank you!


Pin 3 is the next pin below pin 1.

1 2
3 4
5 6

Did you look at the schematic?


Pin 1 is on the bottom right with the Ethernet connector oriented toward the right.


Exactly. Close to pin12 of header P9.
It’s working.

Thank you!